How fault tolerant is Sense to power loss during a firmware update?

I saw the post about the latest firmware update and how it will be staggered over a several day period so not everyone gets it at once. But, considering I may be facing a cat 4 hurricane this weekend, it got me thinking. I’d say that it’s inevitable that I’ll lose power at some point, and I’m sure there are other Sense users in Florida with the same potential.

If it’s possible, it might be a good idea to either expedite or delay firmware updates to those in the near vicinity of Dorian.

A Sense user in Orlando here. I’d say it’s fair bet we lose power somewhere during this event. I just checked and my Sense has the latest firmware.

Everyone in Florida, please stay safe and hope everyone comes through it okay.

Mine did not update last night.

It’s going to be an interesting next few days for me for sure. I manage the IT support center at a hospital, so I will likely be at the hospital during the storm, even if it’s the middle of the night, along with a few of my analysts. My wife will be 39 weeks pregnant as of this upcoming Tuesday. Apparently a low pressure system can cause labor to start…

Yeah, sounds like an interesting few days for sure. Get your home all prepped and take your wife to work with you, if possible. Or to a family members place. Best of luck and congratulations on the new baby…

Hello! Sense will recover just fine from a power failure during a software update. You’ll either end up in the old software or the new one, depending on when exactly the power failure happens. If you end up in the old software, your monitor will try upgrading again during the next night.

Stay safe!

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