How to detect "Always On" devices and their draw?

Is there a way to detect whether specific devices are being included in the “Always On” category, and in addition is there a way to determine what the draw is from a phantom load device? When a phantom load device is unplugged, I do not seem to see any drop in either the Always on or Other bubbles.

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“Always On” only updates every 24 hours, so it would be a painful exercise to switch a device off and wait for the effect on “Always On”

The point in most peoples’ minds is what is the actual rather than spec power usage of something that is always plugged in, but in OFF or Standby mode.

The way to check that usage without waiting 24 hours or using anything other than Sense is to watch “Other” change while you disconnect and reconnect your “always on” device. Do it a few times to be sure you’re getting the device in question rather than a fluctuating load from something else, then decide if you want to ony connect that device when using it, unplug and see if Sense has indeed revised down its “Always On” number after a full 24 hour cycle.

Hope that helps


Once I’m pretty sure of a particular ‘undetected yet’ device may be affecting the “Always On” or the “Other” bubble, I find it easier to use the ‘Now graph’ view (vs. bubbles) to tell how much power that device uses, since the graph usually nicely “tags” a change in the power consumption. (e.g. a +14, followed by a -14 as you plug/un-plug the device).

It’s best to do this when most of the “large consumers” of power are quiescent, so that little changes in power usage are more obvious. (14 out of 500 is easier to view than 14 out of a rather noisy 4500!)

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Thanks, Dave, that does help. I’ve already begun implementing my research to reduce my Always On loads, and determine what is contributing to it and how much the draw is for those devices. Thanks again!

Thanks to you too, Dan.

Yea, when I first got sense I was walking around with the now screen on the real time graph to watch the blips when I would turn on/off something, got quite a few light bulbs changed out that way.


I did not know this. I just messaged tech support because even after flipping all the breakers except the sense and router/modem (and I have that plugged into a Kill-a-watt), the kWh remained constantly at 48 Watts. now that makes sense.

My “Other” bubble fluctuates constantly. but perhaps more of your devices have been identified?

I did not realize how much energy the flourescent tubes in my kitchen used. I bought some led tubes and plan on switching them out as the fluorescents die. I hate to waste good lights even if they are power hungry.


Your “other” typical value should reduce as more gets detected, but its variability as a percentage of its typical value might actually increase. Right now my “Other” was running around 16W until I swtiched a light on (2 LEDs) that pushed it to 30W. I’m not seeing much success with Nest detecting LEDs so far, having swapped out most incandescents, completing about 6 weeks ago.

Did you mean Nest, or Sense?!

Sense, was thinking about my always on Nest devices…

Got it. We have a nest too, which offers integration with a LIFX wifi LED bulb we have, but I don’t use it. Making sure there wasn’t something I was missing out on.

mine keeps getting bigger. well it fluctuates. I was at 146 one day, today to 106.

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