HP LaserJet Pro Multi-Function Printer

Make: HP
Model: M277c6
How identified: Smart plug

Additional Comments:
I finally had the chance to monitor during a big printing job… Looks like the printer goes over its spec’ed power usage (365W) for short periods going as high as 700W, but the average even in heavy operation stays around 365W.

Power Specs:
365 watts (Print/Copy), 10.5 watts (Ready), 2.7 watts (Sleep), 2.69 watts (Blue Angel Sleep), 0.97 watts (HP Auto-Off/Auto-On - Wake on LAN), 0.1 watts (Auto-Off/Manual-On) and 0.1 watts (Manual-Off)

Detailed View:

Daily View:

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter

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