Hue devices are forever

Greetings All,

A couple of years ago when I connected my Philips Hue system to Sense I was able to see all the Hue bulbs. Life was good.

Fast forward to about 18 months ago when I removed some Hue devices from the Hue system after they were damaged in an unfortunate incident. The less said about that the better.

I found that the Hue devices NEVER seem to go away. They continue to appear in my devices list and I can’t remove the devices that are no longer being used. They’re gone from the Hue system but still in Sense. I tried disconnecting my Hue system from Sense but all the devices remain and are unremovable.

I’ve been able to remove other devices that are no longer used but not these. How do I get rid of these Hue devices? A full reset would probably do the trick but that seems a little drastic for a problem that is cosmetic but annoying.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Similar topic here… might help.

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They’ve had 4 years to fix this or design something that would improve the behaviour and haven’t.

I would keep your expectations really low.

Their go-to solution if someone is bothered by all these phantom devices is a full factory reset which also deletes all the history in your account. No, I’m not joking.