Hue integration woes - only added rooms/groups

I enabled the Hue integration, but I don’t like it. I have 4 5 lights in my dining room. One is controlled by a motion sensor only. Any time that light turns on, it reports that my dining room is on. I only want to see my light, not the room. That one light is not representative of my space.

I also have two buffet table light in the space. Those lights are only turned on for events, to create the right mood. Again, those lights are not representative of the whole space, and the two lights are in a group name buffet table, as well as being in the room, Dining Room.

My backyard has only one Hue light at this time, so it appears using the light’s name, whereas by front yard which has 6 hue lights appears as a single light “Front Yard”

What am I doing wrong? Did I miss a step during setup of the integration? When I go back to the integration, my only option is to delete it, or cancel.


Sense uses the room groupings and naming you set in the Hue app. I had to add an extra “room” to deal with having two different banks of Hue bulbs in my family room.


As @kevin1 mentioned you have the lights in groups within Hue so therefore they are in Sense in that manner.

Sense takes the total combined usage power from all of the devices in that group and reports that group. So if you have 6 lights in a group it will take the sum of all 6 lights and report it in Sense.

While you might not like the grouping, some of us go crazy without it. Let me give you an example:

  • In my Kitchen I have 12 recessed Hue lamps. In my living room I have 6 more recessed.

If they were all individual then in Sense it would show as 18 bubbles when I have both rooms turned on. That’s only two rooms. I have about 40-50 Hue bulbs. If I turned them all on I would have that many bubbles in Sense.

My suggestion:
If you don’t like the way they are named then go into the Hue app and rename them to something like “Overhead Dining Room Lights” or “Front Yard Landscape Lighting”

Elaborate a bit more in the group description within Hue so that it doesn’t appear that it’s an entire room.

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