Hue Lights consolidation

My hue bulbs are all detected by sense. Is awesome, but I would prefer not to see each and every bulb on the now page bubbles…Any way to consolidate them to a general “HUE” bubble,

Yes, there is!

I like seeing the bulbs listed individually, but I know how to merge them because once I merged two by accident. In the bedroom I have both a lamp and the overhead fixture. When I configure Hue to show that both are located in the bedroom, then Sense showed a single bubble for bedroom rather than the two bulbs individually.

Therefore, getting all your Hue usage in one bubble should be as simple as locating all the bulbs in a single room using the Hue app. This will, of course, make a difference in how they show up in the Hue app. I don’t think you can organize them separately in Hue and Sense, since Sense gets it’s data directly from Hue.