HVAC Fan was detected now its not detected properly


So Sense found my HVAC fan for my natural gas furnace. For about 1 week it has been showing it’s usage and was cool to see how long this fan was on for. I was trying to pin point another device and thought it might be a component of the furnace so I was trying to correlate when the HVAC fan was on did this device turn on. Then I noticed that Sense app said my HVAC fan was only on for 2 minutes today. That cant be right it was -5c all day!! I went back into history and about 4 days ago my HVAC fan stopped being detected properly… The power up cycle is captured (like 15 seconds) then it stops detecting it. Any reason it used to detect it properly showing it on for about 2 hours a day, but now it only detects the start up portion of the fan?



Now, As you can see it does not show the fan staying on and I can assure you my HVAC fan is running I can hear it and it was detected properly as i tested it 4 times as it was my first device detected by my Sense so I was really playing around with it once it found it.


Interesting. I’ve also had this issue. Curious… do you have any other high electrical usage that is coming on at the same time as the HVAC fan? I have a whole house humidifier that produces its own steam and seems to be “hiding” continuing HVAC fan operation.

Also tagging @BradAtSense as this is an example of the detection issues I mentioned to you off-line.


IT been happening for about 3 days now all day so I don’t believe so. Thanks for the reply!


I’ve had a similar issue with my furnace fan. Sense showed it properly for 2-3 months, but recently it identified a separate fan (there is only one fan) that represented just the startup peak. At least I can merge the devices back together since they are both identified.


Same issue here, but I’m in AC mode. Sense properly detects both the AC and the HVAC fan turning ON. Then less than a minute later it says that the HVAC fan is OFF, while still blowing steadily.

Just curious, for those who are having this issue, what is the brand of your HVAC? Mine is a 12 year old York.

Also, what wattage are you seeing when it is detected? Mine are at about 1400W. I was a bit surprised to see it that high since the AC compressor is running at about 2300-2400W.

Any help Sense Support?


Mine is a York as well, a bit newer like 4 years old…Must be a different fan for AC because I have not seen mine for 2-3 weeks on my chart. Maybe that is the blower for the Natural Gas now I am thinking about it. It would be very short and would cross over with the HVAC Fan so I am guessing they did some refining that separated those 2 motors out where as before they were kind of blended


You bring up a very interesting point that I hadn’t thought of. The AC unit outside has basically two devices, the compressor and the fan. There is also the fan inside the furnace that blows across the A coil. I don’t believe that Sense has separated the two outside devices for me since they always come on and turn off at the same time. The HVAC fan that I’m referring to is the one inside the house - inside the furnace.

For me, that motor (inside the house) is drawing 1400W. What is it drawing for you?


For me it was more like 400w to 600w , here is a screen shot of it when it was some what active