Furnace detection time?

What has been others experience on Sense identifying your furnace? My Sense has been in almost 2 weeks and has identified 7 things but not the furnace which has still been running a lot here in SW Michigan. Kind of surprised it hasn’t identified it yet.

My fan hasn’t been detected at all, when I used propane my igniter was found very quickly.

If your fan speed is ‘continuously variable’ I wouldn’t expect anything too quick, if at all due to the nature of the electrical signal. Is it set up to continuously circulate?

I have a couple of 20 year old forced air furnaces - the air handler/blower on each was identified after 6 months or so, though there is still some conflation between the two. Long story here:

Both furnaces plug into 120V dedicated outlets (meets code here), so I have since hooked both to HS110 smartplugs. That illuminated the additional components of the furnace heating cycle beyond just the main blower.

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Had to respond… NE Michigan… Been almost a full season on the furnace… Fan and burner are variable. Sense has not come back with a thing. Do see it on the usage graph and watt usage. But no joy. Furnace is modulating from 40 to 100 percent in 1 percent increments. Going to be a long road… Uses very little power.

I change the motor in my air handler for a gentek evergreen motor. The system try to maintain a fix supply static pressure and modulate the motor with a 0-10vdc signal driven by a PID Loop. I’m not sure sense will be able to detect the motor in a near future. However even if a motor is variable speed it doesn’t means sense won’t catch it.

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