Variable Speed Motor Detected

Many have been talking about this and many have been looking for it. I have been puzzled by it for sometime now and just got it figured out. ( Where are you going you say…)

Last summer I got a new device detected and I was sure it was not right. Read all the talk about doing resets and stuff. What do you do when you get a new device found and you are 90 percent sure it is wrong??.. Let it go as I did??? Last summer I got a new device detection of “Light 1”. It showed up as I was monitoring “on”. I know it was wrong, my wife was still in bed and I am here at my computer. Also it showed 47 watts. Not a motion detection light with that low wattage.

Well this fall in Northern Michigan the furnace is starting to cycle more often. “Light 1” was on more often then what I could believe that it was a light. It is our furnace. OK… before you go off the deep end and say no furnace runs and heats the house on 47 watts… read on…

We have a high end Carrier Infinity Furnace. ( ). This is a 98.5 efficient furnace. “Variable-speed, constant airflow ECM blower motor for ultimate comfort and ultra-quiet operation.” Also the combustion motor I would guess is ECM. You can go to the URL and read more if you want.

This morning reading my Sense News…Etc… I always have the app up for my furnace in the corner screen. Set to the screen of operating status, showing percentage of heating. This furnace is so quite you don’t know it is running. Forced hot air with no drafting in the rooms. I have put small streamers on the air vents to see that it is running. ( Please don’t laugh and fall off your chair… )

Let’s look at some data… Format will be Watts of Light 1 and percentage of heat from Carrier app… First number Watts, Second number % Heat. Some may not make sense for one motor my run / draw more and skew the watts a little. I logged the readings about every 15 to 20 seconds.
( 112, 63; 114, 61; 120, 60; 114, 57; 107, 56; 109, 54; 101, 52; 93, 49; 107, 49; 104, 49; 96, 48;
103, 46; 98, 46; 101, 42; 91, 41; 80, 41; 53, 41; 57, 40; 56, 40; 48, 40; 47,40 ) Furnace will run for 10-15 minutes at the 40 percent prior to shutting off.

Renaming Light 1 to furnace.

There you go … Variable speed motor detected… Gerry