Variable A/C Detection

I got a new Device (Motor 1) Detection notification from Sense last Wednesday. After watching it for a few days I’m almost certain it’s my Trane XV20i Air Conditioner, which is has a variable speed inverter motor. It’s a pretty solid detection when the compressor is running at 60% or less. It’s still not 100% accurate on the entire run of the cycle.

Has anyone else have Sense detect a variable speed A/C system?

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I have the exact same AC as you, just one step down in size. It’s the XV18i. Sense also detected an “unknown motor” for me about 2 weeks ago and after comparing the on/off times in Sense to Nexia, I realized it must be some component of the AC. My device power meter looks very much like yours.


That’s great there are other detection’s on this type of equipment. My belief is that it has found the compressor, there are only three motors in the system. My outside is a straight cool that is paired with a gas furnace (XV80) that has the evaporator coil on top of it.

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