Ideas on this device?

Anyone know what this device could be? Automatically turns on at different times of the day for 5 minutes each time. 93w startup and 38w draw.

How many times a day does it run?
Maybe provide a 24 hour screenshot from the the devices power meter…

The spike at startup looks like a motor of some kind, like a condensate pump

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It’s on average twice a day.

I still think it looks like a condensate pump or similar. If you can access your HVAC pan and see if it has one then you might catch the pump in action. Or have sense alert you when it comes on and get there fast enough to verify it’s running and turning off with your timeline or device power meter.

Agree with @samwooly1, it’s almost certainly a motor.

But it seems quite a high power usage (and also a very high initial spike) for a simple HVAC condensate motor… So, to me: this looks more like maybe a sump-pump. Do you have a basement with a pump that routinely triggers when water reaches a threshold?

The irregular “jitters” over several minutes are kind of unusual for “most” devices Sense can detect… but that would actually make sense for a pump facing variable amounts of resistance (water sloshing, and draining) as it’s pumping.

No sump pump, I have a sewer pump but it’s already detected and a lot larger pump. I have shut the power to the furnace, heat pump, and fridges when it’s active by haven’t seen it quit when done so. Still looking

OK. Well, you are doing the right things to track it down. :+1: :grin:

One minor note that you were probably already aware of, but just in case: make sure if you shut off circuits, etc, that you are watching the main power meter (the main power usage graph).
Don’t focus on the devices list, or the “now” bubbles, or the device-specific usage graph (Sense for a variety of reasons won’t always update those live, or correctly in this context).

The main power graph is the only place you can see the immediate impacts of flipping circuits.

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