Identify Furnace Baselines

Background: Northeast Ohio is nearing its upcoming seasonal milestone. Within the next month or so, daytime temperatures will hold steady above 60-degrees - marking the seasonal end of the furnace’s use (largest energy consumer Oct-May).

Prior to the start of summer’s 80-degree temperatures, the home will be naturally ventilated - via screened windows.

Assistance Needed: Seeking assistance in identifying the the furnase’s baseline. I’d like to store this offline (Excel Spreadsheet) and compare it against the upcoming Oct-May 2021 heating-season. This will serve as my first-level indicator of future potential mechanical problems that will definitely arise - in upcoming years ahead!

Your assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated! Subsequently, I will apply all learnings to each of the other major appliances.

What kind of help are you looking for ? Has Sense been detecting your furnace motor(s) ? You can export your Sense data in hourly or daily and filter just the furnace related-data if detected. If you have an Ecobee thermostat you can do even more.