Ifttt, Sense, and Google Assistant

I just got IFTTT to try and solve a problem with my boys not finishing their laundry. I wanted our Google Home Minis (of which there are four in the house) to play an announcement that “The dryer just turned off” once Sense recognizes that the dryer is off to remind them of their next step (folding). I could also think of all kinds of other triggers where this could be useful.

I can get the IFTTT to trigger the dryer off but nowhere could I tie it back to google home/assistant. Any thoughts?

As an aside, I also use VeSync/Etekcity smart plugs but couldnt get them to blink the lamps when the dryer turned off. It was either on or off.

Thanks in advance,

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Google doesn’t really let you do that. There are ways to get around it, but it’s not just a simple “If this happens, play X announcement.” I have a Hubitat and I created a virtual switch for the washer. When Sense detects the washer turn on, that virtual switch is turned on. When the washer goes off, the virtual switch is turned off. (these 2 rules are setup with IFTTT). If the switch has been off for 5 minutes, Hubitat will send a notification to mine and my wife’s phones.