Dryer automatically merged now not detected.

Recently my Dryer device was automatically merged with Heat 8. Now the dryer device is no longer correctly detected. This is a bit of an issue for me since I have IFTTT integrations that trigger on the dryer turning on or off. I will have to do a little more investigation next time we run the dryer to see whether it triggers eventually but it isn’t triggered when the dryer is started like it used to. Another part of it is that sense momentarily detects something else that it believes is the dryer so the device shows as “on” long enough to trigger the integration but then closes immediately. This triggers my “on” IFTTT applet but does not trigger the “off” applet. I can try adding a delay to the “on” but I would rather that the dryer be detected correctly.

I am not sure that I have an actual question. I see previous questions about un-merging auto merged devices so I realize that is isn’t possible. I guess I just wanted to register the fact that I also have had a problem with that and would like to help find a way of “fixing” the issue.


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Hey @SteveS, it would be best to submit a Support ticket via this link here. You can request your ticket be assigned to James Drew.

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Will do. Thanks.