It Combined the Dryer with my Furnace? How to undo

It Combined the Dryer with my Furnace??
that is crazy the Gas Furnace was detected and was correct as i verified it was showing it going on/off correctly. Then one day it decided to combine it with the Dryer that is not even close to the same schedule and now I can not figure out how to un-combine them. the GAS furnace has a 96.2 variable speed ECM motor. not even close to a dryer motor.

This is a feature I’ve commented about in the past. And I haven’t had anything good to say about after losing many detections to it.
There is nothing you can do about it!
There is not an undo button.
I always have to delete the device and start over for both that were combined and hope it doesn’t combine them a second time.

Did it combine a named Furnace detection with a named Dryer detection ? Or did it start detecting your dryer and showing it as part of your Furnace bubble ? Sense shouldn’t automatically combine two named detections that are not marked as “this is a guess (?)”.

I have a case where one of my heated floors is being detected as my named Dryer detection.

I’m sure he’s talking about two individual device detections now being combined into one. I don’t know why I have experienced this so many times while most users don’t know if it’s existing.

Yes it detected the dryer first about a week later it detected the furnace. They both were correct following the usage. Then one day I get a message the furnace is combining with dryer. Now no furnace and only a dryer that is only used about twice a week.

Thanks for clarifying. This is one you should take up with an email to If you have two devices that you have named, without indicating that “This is a guess”, Sense isn’t suppose to autocombine. Perhaps you never typed a name into one of them and left it as the default name ?

Your mistaken with the renaming and combine.
Sense will not rename if you have named it yourself or toggled “this is a guess” to off.
The “combine” is totally different, there is not a way to prevent it from happening.
I’ve complained about it to support several times and to Ryan. Ryan has stated there wasn’t anyone else having problems with it or complaining.
Maybe letting Ryan know might get this feature some attention where it will better work for us rather than against.

I’ve had to delete and lost many detections from combine. When it happens and Sense is incorrect, that’s a loss of two detections.

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Good correction. I haven’t had either an auto rename or autocombine so thanks for reminding me of the difference.

I think I posted a screenshot of what it looks like when it happens but don’t remember where. Apparently, it doesn’t happen very often as most users are unaware of its existence.
If they could somehow revise to be like merge, it would keep it from being a problem. We could reverse it. Or have something in place to let Sense know it was wrong.
What really didn’t make sense to me was I had something like “heat 2” and and “heat 5” that were combined. If Sense didn’t even know what the devices were, why did it believe they belonged to each other? I believe the two I’m referring to were 1600 watt and 200 watt devices.

Please write into the Support team about this and they can take a look and log it as a potential bug.

I am trying to find a “forward to:” to ask them to look into this thread there are several with similar problems.

To forward support, you’ll either need to send via email to, or submit a request via the web…

Sorry about that…

Email works, as kevin provided, but the best link would be

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I had a notification today that Sense combined Oven 4 (my oven is 4 detections merged together) with my water heater. Both of these detections has been pretty good (water heater 100% and I’d say the oven is detected >75% of the time).

I was immediately reminded me of these threads. It did un-merge my oven, so my device list is showing oven 1 - 4. But oddly enough, I still have a separate Oven 4 and water heater device. It did un-merge my oven, so my device list is showing oven 1 - 4.

I’m not sure what to expect, so for now I’ve turned notifications for these devices back on and I’ll just keep an eye on them. Hopefully I will not need to delete my oven or water heater.

EDIT: There’s only been 1 instance so far, so not enough to go on yet, but I just received a notification that Oven 4 had turned on when it was actually the water heater. I did the report problem > device is not on thing. I think I will send in a ticket to support after these devices being combined.

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