Motors combined Why?

Today I receivied a message from my Sense that my furnace blower motor and the inducer motor in my furnace have been combined. They are listed as “inducer motor”. This is not right since both motors serve different functions. Plus the blower motor runs during the A/C operation. I cannot find a way to separate them. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Hi @bmarcella1948 - if you could write into Support about the inaccurate merge here, we record these issues for our team to look at (and improve upon.) Based on the back-end method of detection for both of these merged items, Support might be able to assist or they will ask you to delete the device and wait for a redetection.

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I’ve had a few combinations and they were never helpful. At one point Sense combined by Dryer and my Oven. At another point it combined my water heater and my dryer. You just have to delete the new device and wait for it to detect the originals again. In my case it found them again after a couple of weeks.

I know I made a post about this when it happened and I cannot find it in my post history at all. In fact, it feels like a lot of stuff is missing from my post history; though I don’t pay enough attention or have a recollection of what it could be. It just feels to sparse. I’ve had this happen before too, where I think to myself, “Oh I’ve posted about this before” but then I can’t find it. My suspicion is that when your topic is merged into another topic, you lose the post in your history. @JustinAtSense do you have any insight on that particular forum behavior?

EDIT: Maybe I was just remembering this particular instance wrong. I found the post I was looking for. It was started by @samwooly1

Interestingly, support told me then (December 2019) that they were working on a solution to allow users to accept or decline a combination. I guess that didn’t actually happen.

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