Merged devices not being detected

Sense identified my jacuzzi heater as motor 1 and motor 2 but it was not the pumps the 2 motors were the heater and they both had exact same usage profile.

I merged the 2 and now the merged device does not appear - it went back into unknown.

Why would there be 2 exact same profiles for the heater when there is only one?

More importantly why did it go back to unknown after the merge ?

@ian_jablonski, In most (all) jacuzzis, don’t the pump/s always run when heating? Do you think perhaps the pump/s + heater could be conflated by Sense? Do you know the heater wattage? Pump wattage? You have confirmed the activity in the Power Meter in real-time?

As far as merging, technically speaking that doesn’t modify anything about the underlying device detection, which continues. If, after a merge, Sense isn’t tracking the device, in theory that’s just coincidental. How consistent was the Motor1 and Motor2 detection?

I would suggest starting with unmerging and debugging from there.

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the merged devices did appear the next time it ran
I un-merged the devices so i could see what was going on

i can turn off the heat and 2 pumps independently

i have confirmed the activity in the power meter real time
the pumps and heater are not conflated
the 2 pumps are still in “Other”
the 2 devices that i un-merged i renamed jacuzzi 1 and jacuzzi 2 for now

they both are on or off when the heater is on or off
is this because its is 240v?

one reading for line ?

in the screen capture one pump is running on low speed in “Other” and when i turn the heat on and off the Jacuzzi 1 and 2 go on and off

Ah, so you have 2 x 240V heating elements. That seems appropriate for a jacuzzi.

Any device over 1,800 watts is typically going to be 240V.

They are “the same” (type of hardware) no doubt but any large heating element is going to present slightly different resistance, hence the wattage differences.

As for not merging the only thing I can think of is because the original detection was “motor” that you are getting a spike when the heater goes on (=pump on at same time) and that is confusing Sense’s detection.

Try leaving them unmerged and see if the heaters are consistently detected when they activate.

no only one heating element
but the jacuzzi is 240V

i was wondering if a 240v device is has 2 signatures
one for each line in

I think I understand what the issue could be with the merge.

The single heating element would be connected between L1 & L2 (the two hots feeding your jacuzzi GFCI breaker). Sense is “detecting” on variations in L1-neutral & L2-neutral and is successfully identifying the heater’s different phases.

When you say “merge”, Sense needs to actually be looking at activity between L1 & L2 to “detect”. From what I understand this needs a backend modification that Sense support has done in certain situations.

I’ll leave it to others to chime in here and correct my thinking. @JustinAtSense ?