New Device Usage In App

I received notification of a new device “Motor 1” but it’s not showing new usage over the last couple weeks. However, if I move my finger over the blank area in the usage part of the display on the app, usage numbers pop up. These numbers match my heat pump usage. Therefore I’m fairly sure this new device is a duplicate of my heat pump. What happens if I merge the two? Does that double the usage of my heat pump or are they recognized as being the same device and only counted once?
Also, what’s up with the app? If the usage is there in the background, why doesn’t it show in the display?

Sometimes when you get a new detection, history won’t show right away. When you check it day later, it will be there.
It wouldn’t be a duplicate of your heat pump but possibly the other leg. If you first hear pump detection was one leg then this could the other 120vts completing the 240. If the times are matching it could also be a fan motor for air handler. Check the stats of your heat pump and the new detection and see what the wattage is. See if those are the same.
You can merge them so they show as one device. It will still be two devices behind the scenes bit merged, will be calculated together. You can separate them at anytime if you want and all the calculations will do the same.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. What screen are you on in the app? The page for the newly detected device?

Merging will not double count.

The number you see coming up are
Green: what this device used in viewed timeframe
What your total use for everything in your home during the Same timeframe
See my pic with red markings

To Ryan and Sam
I’ve put a clamp on meter on the heat pump and the well pump (they run at the same time) and the combined load is what Sense is reporting for the heat pump (geothermal). Therefore I don’t think the second phase is what Motor 1 represents.
I’ve attached screen shots from my phone of Motor 1 and the Heat Pump for the period 2-3pm today. Neither of them showed any usage bars but they both showed .9kWh for the period. As of the time that I’m typing this note, my Heat Pump power meter doesn’t show any usage between 2-3pm.
I get a similar reading from the blank areas in Motor 1 reading. The numbers in blue say 0.0kWh but the total in white just below it says total: a definite number in white with a cost assigned.

Motor%201%20w%3Ao%20Reading Motor%201%20with%20Reading

Let me make sure I understand. Your clamping well and heat pump individually and adding the numbers together and that is what sense is calling just your heat pump?
If you ha e an inverter pump and this is happening then please just be happy you have anything there detected. You would probably be the very first to have a geothermal variable speed pump on their detection list and if both always run at the same time then is it a problem really? The wattage would still be accurate.
I also see it’s 3:42 on your screenshot. Those one hour blocks can take up to an hour to populate. Mine average 30 minutes so look back in awhile and I’ll bet they are there.

Couple things:

Motor 1 has some funky data, what is the wattage when running and signature from the power meter look like. Being you have open loop geothermal, Motor 1 can be many things :slight_smile:

My well pump and heat pump run at the same time as well and Sense reports the total wattage for me as well (it actually follows my variable well pump for the first couple mins perfectly.) While it’s kind of nice to see something variable tracked, they SHOULDN’T be tracked as the same device.

As @samwooly1 said, I need clarification on how you’re coming up with power usage. Using an amp clamp, or moving the Sense monitor’s CT’s?

I don’t have an image of Motor 1 meter output. It was just “found” by Sense but hasn’t shown any usage in a couple weeks. The meter doesn’t go back that far.
I measured my Heat Pump and the well pump usage individually with an Amprobe clamp-on meter. Sense sees them as one device, not two devices. I think Sense must assign the well pump to Other when it’s running without the heat pump.
I think I need to wait for a while to see if Motor 1 shows any new use. I’ve set it to notify me if it turns on. When I get more data, I’ll post it.

This morning I discovered that the Motor 1 is a duplication of the Air Handler which is connected to a smart plug. The Air Handler motor is 3/4 hp, 120v and the smart plug was reporting about 1057 watts, similar results with an Amprobe meter . When I merged the smart plug with the Sense found Motor 1, the results was to double the wattage reported for the combined device under Air Handler. It shouldn’t do that as advised by RyanAtSense, but it does. I tried it several times with the same results. I understand Sense is still in the learning stage so this is provided for info purposes. Unless I get better advice in the next few days, I’ll delete Motor 1.

I had this happen when first using an HS110 plug. I had a duplicate entry with a doubling of wattage.
I don’t remember how I did it but do know it was in the way I started it up so it was my fault. I remedied by removing and starting that plug over. That fixed it. Just remember to start the plug fresh in its native app first (KASA -for me) and don’t keep any of the settings. Then when dense pulls it, things will start from new.

Are you doing a basic merge or did you do the special “What’s plugged into this ?” merge for the smartplug ? It might also take a little time to roll the histories together so give it a few hours.

BTW - I have occasionally seen double bubbles for a detected device that is also on a smartplug, but that’s seems to have gone away with a “What’s plugged into this ?” underage, then remerge.

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