Inefficient fish tank filter

I was doing some testing by unplugging and plugging different devices throughout my house and i noticed my daughters fish tank filter was using 125W and it was really noisy so i replaced it last night but didn’t have time to test it because it was late and my daughter had to get to bed. So today while i was at work my last two HS110’s showed up and i decided to put one in each of my daughters rooms to see how much power their devices are using. I have the fish tank light and filter plugged in and running off a power strip and together they are only using 5W of power. one energy hog down and now i just have to figure out where the other 163W always on is coming from.


Anything old would be a good start.
I had an old Sony TV that could draw 17W in standby.
DVR and TiVo’s are another thing to look at.
Anything with a wall wort plug. router, WAP, USB charger, cordless phone charger, 12/24V transformer used for heating and cooler systems, TVs and Amps not setup for eco mode.

Your fish tank drop is a fairly large one.

I have my home network and security system on a HS110 as well as 4 other HS110’s and 1 Wemo but something is drawing a lot of always on power. I may have figured out what it is but not 100% sure. One of the previous owners of my house had an ADT system installed and I don’t have the key to open the box but i think i can remove the power to it and see how much power its using.


I don’t know if your security system is the culprit. I also have an old system installed and it draws about 16 watts to power the board and keep the backup battery charged.

My transformer for my doorbell is in the same closet as the panel for the ADT system and there is a plug below the ADT box that I thought was going to the doorbell transformer but it ended up being a plug for the ADT system and that became quite apparent as soon as i unplugged it and the ADT system shut down. Anyways long story short I found out the ADT system is pulling 16 watts of power which is exactly the same as what you’re seeing.

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Is there a heater in the fish tank?

Yep there’s a tank heater and its was the first thing that sense detected

Also after replacing the fish tank filter and getting better water circulation throughout the tank the heater in the tank now cycles on and off more often but that was an expected side effect of replacing an old filter that was moving the water too slowly and was using too much power and was actually heating up the water because the motor was running hot and inefficiently.