Integration with LIFX

It would be great to see an integration similar to Hue, but for LIFX lights. The LIFX api’s should be just as comprehensive as Hue.


Please Add my vote for LIFX integration as well.

I have multiple LIFX bulbs that are running on a sunrise/sundown schedule as growth lights for some plants and I’d love to have a better idea of how much electricity they were consuming.

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Thirded! I have a few of these and would love to see them integrated. Thanks!

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I 4th that request.

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I would like this as well. I have a mix of Hue and LIFX bulbs.

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Lost track of what number I am, but I also would like Lifx integration. They make some of the best, most advanced Led rgb tech I’ve gotten my hands on, superior to hue anyway.


I installed Sense just three days ago, so I’m brand new to the device, the app, the community. But I searched right away for a LifX thread, and I found this. I really want to voice my desire for a speedy LifX integration, also. Nearly every light in my home is a LifX bulb, so I clearly would benefit greatly from this integration. It must be possible since it’s already been done with Phillips Hue bulbs. I’m heading over to LifX’s website to see what I can find out over there.

I think the power calculation that provides Sense with power updates is built into the hub, not the bulbs. I would suspect that a hubless approach like LIFX has power reporting built into each bulb, but it would be cool if it did.

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LIFX bulb integration would be incredible to have. I love having the Philips Hue integration but most of my smart bulbs are LIFX.

This would unfortunately be quite complicated. While Hue bulbs do not self-report their energy usage, Hue provides power calculations for the majority of their bulbs that take into account the whole gamut ( :grin:) of factors that influence LED power consumption — hue, brightness, color temp, efficiency, etc. LiFX has nothing like this unfortunately. That doesn’t mean an integration is impossible, but it does create a significant challenge. I have a few LIFX bulbs myself (for personal “fun” projects, I prefer their API to the Hue API), so I do get the desire.

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