TP-LINK smart bulbs

Is there any future plans to integrate TP-LINK smart bulbs?

I was just thinking that when they were on sale in Today’s Fry’s ad. Probably uses the same API as the plugs…

I purchase 3 from Lowes installed them today easy to install and set up, so far I’m pleased with them, I replaced 2 HS110 that were hooked up to lamps, freed up the HS110 for use on other things, wish sense recognized them make it more convenient.

I’m betting the TP-Link bulbs don’t have any power monitoring capabilities since that feature doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere. The Hue bulbs that are integrated with Sense rely on the hub to convert the bulb setting (on/off/dimmer level) to produce power usage. Not likely with TP-Link.

ps: The TP-Link and Wemo integrations work by sending out a broadcast asking for status from the plugs every 2 seconds - the plugs respond with on/off status plus power level. Don’t think the bulbs can do that.

It monitors the same way that the HS110 does gives daily, 7 day and 30 day usage so I would think it would work the same way on the sense

Works and does the same as the HS110 does daily, 7 day, and 30 usage both hours and kwh

Thanks for the additional information. I couldn’t find a data sheet or spec that included anything about TP-Link bulb power monitoring. I still question whether the bulbs monitor their own usage. I would bet that the calculation is done in the Kasa app, which means that the power number would be unavailable to Sense which gets the info directly from a status reply from the smart plugs.

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I believe you’re assuming the TP-Link/bulb communications with the TP-Link cloud stored on TP-Link’s servers is used by Sense. That communication has nothing to do with Sense and Sense is not pulling data from the TP-Link cloud. Sense is polling and getting data directly from the smart plug, as @kevin1 points out.

then what’s being said is it’s not possible for sense to draw info from the bulb as it does from the HS110 even though both are basically acquiring the same type of information, that’s to bad, it could be useful info. Lighting is one area sense has difficultly especially led lighting

Not exactly …

The HS110 is doing power monitoring itself and accumulating that (short term) data in and of itself. Sense (ever 2 seconds) requests that data … which is basically 2-second integrations of the power the plug has been loaded with. This is crucial to the smarts of the smart plug system.

The TP-link bulb, like the Philips Hue bulbs, does not do power monitoring in and of itself so could not, directly, provide that data to Sense. The way the Hue system works is that it basically does a longer term integration between on/off/dim-state cycles by knowing the Philips-branded Hue bulb power levels for any given state. The Hue hub+Sense can get the simple integrated power into the Sense cloud.

A hue bulb has 7w at 100% power (no dimming)
Assuming X% dimming uses X% of the full power and the bulb is on for an hour at full power and then an hour at 25%, Sense would clock 8.75wHr for that bulb over those 2 hours.

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