Switches that connect like smart outlets

Are there any smart switches that are compatible like kasa monitoring outlets? I’d like to track lighting in rooms from switches as they’re not identifying the lighting anywhere yet.

If you are asking about compatible / integrated with Sense, the answer is ‘no’ for smart switches. But Sense does integrate with the Philips Hue lighting system (hub-based), so you can control/track power usage of you lights. The difference is that Hue uses smartbulbs and the Hub knows how to calculate power for each bulb type given on/off/dimming level.

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Thanks for the approval… I really like my sense and all kinds of gadgets but would love to see more integration with other outlets that monitor usage as well. Thanks again

Thanks and yes I wish they’d have integration to other smart switches that get found as new devices right away… I use leviton hub less switches with dimmable led’s, but would like to track usage like you can with the kasa outlets.

Not gonna try to represent Sense here, but though there are seemingly a huge number of smart devices for the home out there (switches, hubs, etc) that Sense could integrate with, there are only a small number that have characteristics that are useful for supplying “ground truth”:

  • devices that provide actual measured power usage. Most smart switches only tell if something is on or off, not the power flowing through.
  • speedy and non-laggy communication with the Sense monitor so Sense can get a once every two second power reading. Most smart devices communicate via zigbee/zwave and would have bottlenecks and latency if a dozen or so smart devices were trying to communicate to the Sense via a hub.

And if you look here, you’ll see how each different smart device system has their own unique integration approach, making it expensive to add and support each new flavor: