Recognition of TP Link HS110

I’ve installed two of the TP Link plugs that monitor electric usage. One is on my Computer power system which has UPS devices to help thing ride out power loss. The other is on my Entertainment equipment which has TV, Bose Speaker, Roku, Fire Stick, Cable box, and DVD player all of which have phantom power. I’ll have to be careful when I turn it off. The problem is that I can’t see either switches. Granted they remain on most of the time. How do I get them recognized so you can see the energy usage going through each device?

Have you set up the TP-Link in the Connected Devices section under “My Home” in settings? Even if you have, it can take a while for the plugs to be found. I currently have 25 TP-Link, 1 Wemo Insight, and 44 Hue bulbs connected…

I have had a few issues adding the above and support has always resolved pretty quickly for me.

Sounds like your using HS110’s. Those will only monitor everything plugged in as one device.
You’ll need the HS300 for what you are looking for

If the Kasa App sees the Hs110s, the Sense monitor will generally pick them up within an hour of enabling the TP-Link integration in the Settings card of the App. But your HS-110s need to be on the same subnet as your Sense monitor.

I ran into the subnet issue as well. I mistakenly assumed that if the Kasa was online, the Sense would pull from Kasa’s API via the WAN. I ended up moving back to a single network after too many IOT issues across subnets.

Thank you all for your comments. I had not installed the software but found it after posting the message. All is working will. As for the HS110 vs HS 300, I’m not so interested in the individual performance of the devices since they all act as a group. My computer and Internet equipment is always on. The Entertainment goes from standby to on. Between the two I have the equivalent of a 150 Watt bulb burning. When I turned on the speakers they only took about 10 watts additional. Turning on the TV ramps everything up by about 200 watts. That’s a good sized light bulb.
Anyway, thanks to all of you for your input.

Totally agree, and am doing exactly the same thing. What a PC, or a disk drive, modem, or a printer costs to operate is pretty insignificant, but collectively does help address the “always on” problem.

I misunderstood, sorry about that.
I’m doing the same as you and have my entertainment power strip plugged into an HS110 for total usage.
It’s not white working as well as I would like. I figured it would be part of the new “always On” feature when the tv is off and the back on its own line when it’s on.

That’s how I have my IT setup as well. All rack powered devices and TV go through UPS which is on an HS110. I draw about 80 Watts when in “standby” and 165 Watts or so when the TV powers on.

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