IPv6 support?


I’ve noticed that all of the Sense unit’s application communications appear to be over ipv4 (DNS, HTTPS, and SSL-Syslog) which is all well and good considering the current target environment. I do also run a full ipv6 environment in my home, though, so I was curious if the system is intended to support IPv6?

After checking, sure enough, there was a neighbor known to my router with the MAC address matching the v4 IP. It looks to have been obtained via SLAAC (not dhcpv6, since I have both), so it definitely looks like the device supports dual-stack functionality . What is the state of v6 in the product? Is it turned on, but not being used since many of the AWS EC services are not yet fully dual-stack capable?

Just curious about this, since I’ve given myself an academic goal of eliminating as much v4 and NAT from the home as possible.



Good question! We don’t currently support IPv6 but it is something that we’d like to support in the future. Our system is capable of it but there is work that needs to be done to officially get there.

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