Sense network activity

I am running a Pi-hole server on my network and sense is going through it for DNS requests. I have noticed it trying to hit about every 5 minutes (along with other traffic). Pi-hole is blocking this by default. It this something important to whitelist?


I have noticed the same behavior. Pi-hole is dumping the majority of the IPv4 DNS queries to this site, but when i finally got around to enabling IPv6 I see most of those queries allowed. I would like to know what sense is trying to log from my device exactly and based on that, if i should allow.

@arghhh sorry you never got a response when this was first posted!

We’re using loggly to collect basic info from your monitor so we can see if something goes wrong (signal check-type stuff). It’d be great if you could whitelist it, as it helps with Support issues. Nothing should break if you don’t, however.


Hi Ryan,

I had whitelisted it a while ago, like you said it seemed like a remote syslog. I assume that no personal type information is included in this.

Nothing personal at all. It’s just signal info about your monitor We are very, very careful about that sort of thing.

great, thanks i’ll allow it now. Is it possible for me to monitor the device myself on my network too? I tried pointing a few of my siem tools to it but never did get a reliable read on it. If you have a mib template available I can at least keep an eye on it’s health snmp. please let me know if that’s available today or will be in future.


We don’t offer that at the moment. I’m curious what you’d like to use snmp for though? I can pass the feedback onto engineering.

Thanks Ryan. I guess the need would just be uptime. I was trying to do that just by ping but didn’t seem reliable. However if it gave me things like temperature, cpu, mem, io etc. the nerd side of me would just pull all that into my dashboards alongside everything else. not important compared to everything else the engineers have to work on, was just curious :slight_smile:

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You’re not the first to request some deeper diagnostic info. I’ll pass it on for sure.

If even some of the mentioned info like uptime and temp were viewable in the app where the version info already is, that would be a helpful feature.

Unfortunately there’s no temperature sensor in Sense. It’s something being considered for future hardware revisions though.

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Just a follow-up, is it now possible to disable Sense from attempting to report to My unit is now reaching out way too often, 5,987 attempts in just the last 36 hours…

I wonder if it decreases the time between attempts with each failure in the hopes of getting the logs out sooner.

Let me checking in with the engineering team about this and get back to you. I’m at CES, so might be a bit delayed.

Uptime would be nice… I keep an Ecobee sensor in my service closet to monitor temperature. Only challenge is that it goes through a button battery (032) every 10 days of so. Still more worthwhile than adding another IoT device, plus makes it easy to compare temp in the service closet vs. outside temp.

Thank you, have fun at CES! Any exciting announcements for those of us not tied to our news feeds today?

My ecobee sensors only use up a battery after about a year and a half, did you maybe get a bad batch or have terrible signal for that sensor!

Yeah I’m wondering that too. My sensors (I have 6) also last around 18 months with a battery.

From us? Nothing I can share publicly :wink:

But have lots of cool stuff planned for 2019.

I’m going to shoot you a PM about this issue.

All my other Ecobee sensors (9) last a year or more without a battery change. But the service closet sensor is much further away from the thermostat and lives in an incredibly noisy electronic environment. Not quite sure how Zigbee transmitter in that sensor deals with this, but it either has to up the broadcast power or number of tries (or both), to be heard…