Eero Ad Blocking vs Sense


I love my new sense, which I’ve had for about a month. I also use Eero for my WiFi network, and subscribe to Eero Plus including its ad blocking feature.

Recently I noticed that my eero is blocking some 100-500 “ad” attempts per day made by the sense monitor itself (not the iPhone or sense app, which eero tracks as a separate device). Any idea what these could be? I’m wondering if eero blocking this is somehow limiting the effectiveness of the sense algorithms.


Can you send us some screenshots?

Here is a list of DNS lookups the Sense monitor performs from another user’s (@arch) research:


From this thread:

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This is interesting - on my network I’m using a PiHole ad blocker and it provides the DNS (which is a filtered version of btw)
In normal operation my Sense is very reliable, with a pretty strong wifi signal. However, once in a while (I suspect when the firmware is updated) my Sense drops off the network and does not reconnect. It takes a power cycle of the Sense breaker before it comes back up online.
I’m wondering if there is some specific traffic that takes place after an update that blocks the update from completing…

Without knowing exactly what you’re seeing, we can’t really say what those attempts are. But I can say that nothing advertising related is happening. If you write into Support, we can take a closer look.

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@senseinaz Attached is the screenshot from the eero app.

Also, this is the response I got from Eero tech support. I have since moved my sense monitor to my guest network so it no longer runs through Eero’s ad blocking filters. I would expect the ad blocks will go away altogether, meaning my sense will be able to reach whatever sense servers it was trying to more now…

Jeremy (eero Customer Support)

Jun 12, 11:01 AM CDT

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch with us at eero. Currently there are no configurable options for the ad block option in eero plus, aside from on or off. Taking a further look into this product, I have an idea which may help out with this.

Since most the eero plus features including ad block are based on DNS, the Sense could be connected to your eero guest Wi-Fi network instead, as that uses different DNS, and does not have the ad block feature as well.

To enable the guest network, open the eero app. Next, go to the menu in the top left corner (3 lines) and select “Guest Access”, then tap “enable”. a little below this is “Network Password”, select on this to see the guest network password. This is going to be a randomly generated password, we’ll just leave it this way for testing.

Once you have created this guest network, you can connect Sense to the guest network which would not have the ad blocking or eero plus taking place.

Thanks again,

Jeremy | eero Support