Change WIFI?

I’ve owned my Sense for a month. The first 2 weeks it was up reliably without a problem. Since then it’s been offline more often than it’s online. Support seem to think it’s related to the WIFI signal. It’s remote and I was connected via an Extender so today I went and purchased a Google Home Wifi kit and configured it.

Now all I need to do is get the Sense on the new WIFI network but the APP cannot connect to the monitor. All I get is “Can’t find sense. Please make sure you are near your Sense during the setup process…”

As suggested I have flipped the breaker MULTIPLE TIMES…no go… Nothing changes.

Any tips or tricks to get it back online???

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Make sure there is no metal between your configuration device and the sense unit. I believe it uses blutooth to configure sense. If the unit is inside a breaker box then the metal will block Blutooth signals.

I did open the breaker box and was physically able to touch the monitor.

When I installed the Sense monitor I had the installer drill a hole from the
Power panel into the living room (where the Router lives). The antenna
was installed in the living room within inches of the power panel. I only have a 20’
air gap between the Sense antenna and the WiFi Router. Worked the first time.
I was standing within 5’ of the Sense Antenna when I started the configuration.

Carol :grin:

Are you using the same wireless network name SSID and password on the Google wifi as the original wifi?
If so, there’s some settings on Google Wi-Fi to ensure backwards compatibility. There’s some occasional threads around here taking about those settings (even brands beyond Google).
If your needing to change the ssid or password on the sense monitor then I have no experience with that, yet. :).

Here is a link with multiple ideas. The last post mentioning enable/disable coexistence is the one I was thinking about… That setting may have a different name on the Google wifi than how it’s named on the Orbi wifi.

My intention was to replace the router, use a totally new SSID and to configure the sense monitor to use that new SSID. After an hour or so of trying to get it connected I simply plugged back in the old router and let it connect back to the old SSID. It’s working for now but I’ve basically not changed anything so the original reason for replacing the router remains.

Thanks for the link, I will check it out when I’m next at the property.

Support reached out to me and the Sense device has been replaced. The new one was connected to the new SSID on 9/29 and as remained connected without any drops. This is the longest period of time I’ve had without issues so I believe replacing the WIFI network has helped immensely.

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