How to change the wifi setting


I have a new wifi set up, so how do I let Sense know I have to change it. I click on the new wifi but nothing happens.


settings: my home: sense monitor: Wi-Fi then click continue and follow the directions. I just did the same thing when my router crapped out last week.


Thanks. Did that but the “change WiFi” is not live. It says get closer to
sense. It keeps trying to connect unsuccessfully. I flipped the breaker but
no luck. Other options?


oh, I don’t know then. mine worked right away. Maybe one of the engineers from Sense can help. Sorry


In this case close means very close as the connection between the device running the app and the Sense unit is via Bluetooth.

The routine is to click CONTINUE after selecting Wifi Utilities in the app and then let it connect to Sense; the Sense unit will then scan for available 2.4 GHz wireless networks.

Hope that helps.


Hmm…@dave_n_s is right about using Bluetooth for the initial Wi-Fi setup. You would need to be close to the Sense monitor and flipping the breaker to restart Sense would turn on the monitor’s Bluetooth transceiver for 15 minutes.

However, changing your Wi-Fi settings through the method that @scottbel accurately described shouldn’t have required Bluetooth, so that’s strange. Please keep us up-to-date with your progress!


Flipped off the breaker and waited a while, turned it back in and tried
again. It did not link. So I’m still not connected. My WiFi is working but
I need to update it on the Sense site; but I can’t connect. More ideas?


So you’re getting stuck on the screen that says “Connecting to monitor…”? I might recommend opening up a support ticket so they can help you more closely.

Very sorry for the troubles!


I have the exact same problem… any luck? I’m still waiting work support.


I had this problem and finally got the connection after I turned off my old WiFi router, which is right next to the panel. Sense must be extremely sensitive to interference on the WiFi bands.