Changing Wifi Network

I am in the process of updating my home network to a complete Unifi system. I had been using my same SSID for years to avoid updating IOT devices but the password was very weak. I figured now was the time to update it.

I want to give credit to Sense developers for making it so EASY to change the network!!

So many devices are so difficult to make changes to the wifi network including having to do complete factory resets (Damn you Kasa smart plugs).


Welcome to the Unifi club! I have a UDM and I know quite a people on here use Unifi gear. It’s a natural extension from geeking out about your home energy data to geeking out about your home networking. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s even a Sense icon available for the client device!

Totally hear you on the frustrations of updating network credentials on many IoT devices. If you have a lot of them, it can be a multi-hour process! I went through it some months back when I got my UDM and then had to do it all over again after I got an additional AP for it :exploding_head:

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