Instructions to change Wireless Network

SEE POST #4 for the directions to change your wireless network…
Original Post:
long story short… on June 11th, my 2nd access point in my house lost it’s settings… and my sense monitor has been down. of course i didn’t document my AP name and password, but I’m very sure i did it right… my sense monitor is still down. should I simply reset my Sense Monitor to factory reset? …any better ideas?
I count on the sense monitor heavily to make sure I’m not overdrawing power from my 200A service with my bitcoin mining.

reality is… i have not configure the AP correctly… or our HS110 on the clothes washer would show up… i wonder if I could get the settings from that HS110

Since i’m not quite sure of the best course of action, I’ll check-in tomorrow AM with some folks internally on what to try next before performing a factory reset.

kudos to @JustinAtSense and Nick from the Support Team for providing great instructions to my fried brain after a series of unfortunate events on my network lol