New Sense install - should I wait to upgrade/change wifi?

I’m very new to Sense - installed the system over the past weekend, and it’s learning away. So far, I’m impressed!

Coincidentally, I also picked up some new hardware for my home wireless network. Actually, it’s more like a system expansion - I currently have a Google WiFi mesh system with 3 pucks, and I picked up a good deal on some of the newer Nest WiFi stuff. My plan is to change the router to the Nest unit, and add 2 more pucks to extend the wifi coverage in my house and yard. This would require a new network setup, which isn’t a major undertaking.

My question is, seeing as the Sense just got started with device detection, should I wait for a while to make changes to the network? I don’t think the change would mess anything up, but I wanted to be sure. TIA for any help!

I switched networks about a month after setting up my Sense monitor. All I had to do was connect to the new network the same as initial setup. All connected devices were still listed. You should have no issue with the change.

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Assuming it has made it through initial signal checks, I would say go for it when you are ready.

If you use the same network name/password, the Sense should just connect to the new gear. It doesn’t really care, its just looking for an internet connection.

If you are changing you network name/password, you’ll just need to run the wireless setup again.
Go stand near the Sense and open the Sense app.
Go to Settings (Gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen)
Then My Home
Then Sense Monitor
Tap Network and you can re run the Connection Setup.

As long as you don’t power cycle your Sense, it will hold the last 6-8 hours worth of data collected, so don’t worry if it takes you and hour or 2 to swap all of your gear around. Once the Sense is back on the network, it will over time, send the backlogged data to Sense.


Thank you for the replies! Looks like I’ll be working on my wifi network this weekend.