Adblock Plus vs Sense

For those using Adblock Plus and are having to wait a long time to have the bubbles and meter appear on your browser, disable it on It has been taking a minute or more to draw on my Safari (v14.1) browser beginning about a month ago and I just now figured it out. I didn’t think to disable Adblock for the Sense address because it didn’t interfere in the past, but that was it. Now I get the bubbles and meter in 2 or 3 seconds after clicking on the link. : )

Here’s a similar thread from a couple years ago that’s closed to new comments:


I use uBlock Origin and had the same result after disabling it for

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Can confirm. Thanks @lholland!

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Amazing! I noticed a similar performance issue a couple weeks back and would have never made this connection on my own. One click is all it took to fix, once I had this hint. Thank you, @lholland!

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Noticed this with AdGuard as well. Disabled for Sense.