Adblock Plus vs Sense

For those using Adblock Plus and are having to wait a long time to have the bubbles and meter appear on your browser, disable it on It has been taking a minute or more to draw on my Safari (v14.1) browser beginning about a month ago and I just now figured it out. I didn’t think to disable Adblock for the Sense address because it didn’t interfere in the past, but that was it. Now I get the bubbles and meter in 2 or 3 seconds after clicking on the link. : )

Here’s a similar thread from a couple years ago that’s closed to new comments:


I use uBlock Origin and had the same result after disabling it for

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Can confirm. Thanks @lholland!

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Amazing! I noticed a similar performance issue a couple weeks back and would have never made this connection on my own. One click is all it took to fix, once I had this hint. Thank you, @lholland!

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Noticed this with AdGuard as well. Disabled for Sense.

I’ve been seeing this behavior again lately despite my ad blocker being off. Now I wonder if it was just reloading the page after disabling the ad blocker that was making the bubbles appear quickly and not related to anything actually being blocked.

I’ve had this problem for several weeks (at least as long as this thread has existed). I don’t use “AdBlock” but I do have a network-wide equivalent Pi-Hole. When I go to the Sense site the bubbles or the power meter fail to load no matter how long I wait. I can get them to load by clicking the Reload button (or Control R). I think the issue is some script on the Sense site doesn’t work right (maybe it needs something another script will give it, but is too soon the first time?)

I’ve disabled Ublock Origin on and whilelisted * on my pihole and it still occurs.

I dug through my pihole logs and it looks like it’s blocking whenever i load up the bubbles for the first time in a while.

Another possible block is and (both google sites also).

Ironically this only happens on the desktops, my phone launches the bubbles fine (though i do see other google sites getting blocked from that too).

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