New router help

I currently have two airport extremes with only minor glitches. I’ve been shopping new routers for quite some time and ready to make a jump. Eero pro 5 is marked down to $350 and past reviews have been good.
At one point about a year ago I was told by Sense support that mesh systems don’t work great with their monitoring.
I’m wondering if this has changed?
Would love input from users on router suggestions.

2400 SQ ft home
60 + devices
Currently have minor 2.4 GHz interference

On our end, this has not changed. Sense is just a client to the network, the mesh system is what manages the connections on your network and causes the Sense to be switched to a different node. Since these networks will balance the load between all nodes, sometimes devices are forced to switch access points to spread out the load on the network, and this can cause your Sense to fall offline if Sense is switched to a further (weaker signal) Access Point/node. There is no update that we can push to Sense that will prevent this from happening, as this is occurring on the network’s end and Sense is just a client of the network. All we can really do on our end is verify that it’s the network deauthorizing the monitor station, rather than the monitor leaving on its own.

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I just recently moved from a 5 AirPort Extreme based system (1 as router, 4 others as APs with wired back haul) to a similar Ubiquity system (1 UDM with 4 APs). In the middle, I tried a Orbi system with a pro Netgear switch. The Ubiquiti system was smooth transition, while the Orbi was fail with Sense and associated Kasa smartplugs.


Usually the Ubiquity units are commercial/enterprise units where the others are for personal/residential use, fwiw.

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