Sense network activity



That makes sense. Maybe put a power ZigBee repeater in the same closet ? :slight_smile:


Maybe, but even though Zigbee and WiFi use separate bands, I leery of adding even more electrical noise in there. Noise is already high for the WiFi connection to my Sense. Easier to just buy a bunch of batteries.


True. They’re not that expensive on Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:


10 days!?!? My ecobee remote sensors last around 10-12 months on a single battery. Have you contacted ecobee and asked them if it is somehow defective?


Did talk to Ecobee support - they said that all the factors I mentioned (RF noise, distance and walls, especially stucco with embedded metal mesh) can adversely affect battery life. I swapped with one of my sensors that had previously lasted a year on battery, ansi just went much faster.


Dang! I wouldn’t have thought it’d be quite that drastic.


If it were me and I had to switch a battery every 10 days, I’d find a 3V wall-wart transformer and just hardwire a power supply to the Ecobee sensor.

Myself, I’m using some LaCrosse sensors for similar purposes, although I have 4 of them - one for in the basement, one for my hot tub, one for outdoors, and one that monitors the temp of both our garage and the deep-freezer in it. The LaCrosse sensors have a nice little app as well as a web portal where you can view all the data.


I may just do that… I prefer to stick within the Ecobee ecosystem for the same reason - all temps available house-wide via website and HomeKit.