Is it the fixture, the bulb(s) or both?


When naming devices that are light fixtures or appliances that are mostly designed for lighting, are others renaming them as the bulb(s) themselves, the fixture it/they are in or a mixture?

I was first posed with this question when Sense identified the 2 floodlights on a motion sensor fixture in the backyard. In this case, I renamed this as the 2 90w Sylvania bulbs as I would have no idea who made the fixture. But does it matter? Would these bulbs be picked up the same if moved to the floodlight fixture in the front of the house? It occurred again when the hallway lights were identified. These are two pieces of track lighting with 3 halogen lights on one and just 1 halogen light on the other. To easily replace the bulbs, I kept a piece of the box so I know who made the fixtures. Do I rename this as make and model of the fixture or of the bulbs the lights use?

In regards to a mixture, I’m thinking of ceiling fans, portable halogen work lights or other fixtures such as my wife’s magnifying make up mirror or my son’s Lava Lamp that could probably be identified. Bulbs in porch lights, stairwells and similar fixtures are a probably not.

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I believe it is a combination of both the fixture and the bulbs. If you were to take the same bulbs and move them to a different fixture, sense would not recognize it as the same device. At the same time, if you were to put different bulbs in the recognized fixture, sense typically loses the fixture and has to re-recognize it.
Once sense recognizes a light, I simply rename it by location. So far I have “Master bath light,” “Kitchen light,” and “Master bedroom light.”

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