Is This a Floating Neutral ? What's Going On?

Oh, and, we do not live in an area with dry soil. Topsoil is fantastic loam, and subsoil is clay.

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Sorry, I missed reading your earlier posts about your FS140 Surge Protecter. That device appears to be a high quality unit. I guess I was looking at the most recent picture and didn’t see a surge protector mounted. I will do better in the future and re-read the full Discourse thread. Apologizes.

Pfft, apologies? None needed!

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You have a real dilemma with so many different areas of ‘ownership’ and conflicting interests. “Whose problem is it?” You almost have to have everyone involved agreeing to the problem and the solution to act on any change. Seems like a real up-hill battle to get everyone to reach a consensus.

I’m still interested to see what your utility company testing analysis shows. Hopefully you will be able to post the results. As for the SENSE monitor, It seems to me that the software should have reported this fault as @kevin1 stated.

I KNOW :sweat::rofl::rofl:

Sorry to spread replies over multiple responses. I’m busy flipping tables and yelling at the sky over this.

You can be sure that if the HOA does decide to replace the whole meter panel, I’m going to fight tooth and nail to get the rarer and more expensive ALL copper model. Not the “copper except one piece of the busbar”. ALL copper.

If I could replace this SEC, I’d replace it with an ALL copper or a CCA in a HEARTBEAT :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The problem with the utility company testing is that, as the problem is intermittent, and also seems to happen only when things have been moist for a while, the damn analyzer has to be on there for long enough to be on there when it rains for a few days. So I’m literally relying on the weather to cooperate.

After the plumbers left today (for some unrelated work that also included finally installing a high flow spigot near the water line entrance) I got my hose out with my Cloudburst nozzle and really simulated some rain over the MeterPak. No faults yet. :man_shrugging:

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Wow… Got up to a 180/70v split for a full two to five minutes today.

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