Is this sense licensed technology under the hood?

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Hard to tell (sorry, I have no answer). It seems they’re integrating multiple technologies (electrical/water/gas). Some we already know about (Sense for electricity and Flume for water). Though it’s the first time I see an offering to monitor gas consumption. Wonder if they do device detection by monitoring the specific breakers and/or some AI/ML like Sense does.

I’ve been getting their ads on Facebook, probably due to some cookie tracking, and while I haven’t looked at their technologies, I did see that they are a subscription service. I specifically will not buy Flo by Moen because it is a subscription. The Phyn Smart Water Shutoff has some offline capabilities, so even if that company were to fold, you could have some utility. They also claim to be owned by Bellini and have funding from a “large pluming company” so they told me they’ve been around for 10 years and have no plans folding. Of course any company says that…until they do. IDK about PowerX but they claim to save me money by charging $60 a year. There’s need to be a TON of saving to cover that cost and still make money. I don’t buy it for a second.

Hi @pswired, happy new year and thanks for sharing. This came onto our radar early last week and we’re looking into it. The language they use on their site is… very familiar :slight_smile:

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Their founder and CEO: #8 Manuel Schoenfeld: Managing a Multi-Million Dollar Company from the back of a Van | by Venture Insider | Venture Insider | Medium

Just saw this on my FB feed today and was about to post the question here and saw this thread. It looks like they are using just a pair of CT’s. Was wondering if this is licensed from Sense, a repackaged Sense or some other similar approach. The wording seems very similar.

Interesting story … not sure if it is inspiring or … ‘genuine’ ???

We…had a similar impression. Glad to see it’s not just inherent bias :slight_smile:

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The house cut-away illustration, with the Hawaiian Barbie in the middle does not appear serious/convincing … let alone the $300 discount after the kick-starter campaign :slight_smile:

FWIW Flo has dramatically change their pricing model. Basically the subscription has turned into additional insurance. All the product features are now available w/o subscription

Good info, thank you. I looked into Flo few months back and decided against it for a couple of reasons, price and difficult installation. I opted instead for a Flume2. Granted, it does not have a shut-off valve, but for my specific needs, it was enough. If you however have a finished basement and need emergency/remote shut-off, then the unit makes perfect sense. Everyone’s mileage will vary, undoubtedly.