Kasa HS300 not reporting but KP125 are?

Of all the issues I have had with 29 KASA devices, this was never one of them.

All my units are DHCP but set to reserve/static IPs.

@andy As you also have had no issues, are you reserving Static IPs for the devices as I am?

Are you using 192.168 or 10?

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So, Ive left this thing plugged in…I see a lot of traffic from AWS cloud servers and nothing alarming. Strange that it has this much traffic but not making contact to kasa.

However…Right at 5 days (120:0:0) the KP125 decided to become its own DHCP server and assign itself a class C IP of The network its on has no class C IP’s (192-223) anywhere at all. The firewall/ DHCP server has the entire class C range blocked. At (120:10:0) it re-grabbed the IP.

I assume that @andy router is at where my house … I did change my netgear’s LAN to and I see that @kevin1 is also on a 192.168.1.x. Guessing most people here are using a 10.x.x.x.

Im not sure why kasa has this thing doing rouge routing right at 5 days and Im not sure why using they would use the most common dhcp IP, then Im not sure why that doesn’t cause more havoc on andy’s network than ours, it actually probably is for 10 mins… But I assume that must be crashing the LAN hub between LAN sense and LAN kasa while testing LAN communications. I tried to ssh into the KP125 but it wouldn’t let me in. I thought that all kasa and tp-link plugs all had an open local API… just would be interested in view the json file at this point.

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Very interesting. Thanks for the deep research.

And yes, no SSHing into Kasa smart plugs - they only respond to two protocols AFAIK - their smart home protocol and debug protocol.

I’m still not sure that I figured this one out. I have 2 of the KP125 and only 1 drops like clock work and the other one doesn’t never drops. My HS300 drops 1-2 times a month. I’m sure that this is an issue with KASA/ TP-Links routing process the destination IPs that is communicating with are almost all AWS service which is hosting their cloud services. Since the KP125 appears to not currently have away in we will have to hope someone at TP-Link figures this out.

I did get a new raspberry Pi 4 for Christmas that I’m going to install HA on it, Im pretty sure I can come up with an applications to make the ones dropping. To auto reconnect.

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