KP115 on and off (but really just on)

weird stuff happening here. the Kasa KP115 plug is connecting a powerstrip with an appleTV, AVR, and Sony TV. My Sense app showed the plug turning on and off 100s of times but we don’t experience it and it’s not showing up on the Kasa app. weird, right? should I be worried? is this an indication of poor wiring in my house or maybe something else software wise?

Take a look at the waveform for that KP115. Not likely an issue - just power usage that is drifting above and below your standby threshold. You can set a higher on / standby threshold for that smart plug if you want to see fewer transitions.


Yes, “on” in this context means “drawing more than the standby-to-on threshold amount of power,” not that the relay in the KP115 is on.

I noticed the same thing and it drove me nuts. Granted, I put my plugs on devices that I wouldn’t ever want to turn off and they were always on devices. So I set the threshold to 0 and while I was at it disabled control of the devices. The standby doesn’t mean the device is off, but I noticed the ability to disable control at the same time as it was on the same settings page. I also turned off notify on the timeline, again because they are always on devices.

For example: I didn’t want to turn off the fridge on accident (by clicking the colored bubble left of the wattage) and have everything get spoiled.

To do this:

  • Go to the devices list
  • Click on the device
  • Click the cogwheel in the top right corner
  • Go to the Manage tab

Hope that helps.


Looks like it’s just toggling above and below what you have as the on/standby threshold. Either lower the threshold so it either shows always ON or raise it so that it only shows ON when a certain min draw is present. This On/Standby has nothing to do with the ON/OFF switch on the plug.