Why Is One of My Smart Plugs (KP115) Showing No Stats Information?

A few weeks ago I installed a bunch of KP115 Smart Plugs… All of them seem to be reporting information accurately… But one of them has no data in the stats section, despite clearly having data that should drive this section to have useful information (the other smart outlets that I installed at the same time have information populated).

Here are some screenshots of the outlet for my MBR Office that shows no information.

In comparison, here is a different smart outlet (KP115) that I installed at the same time that shows data for my microwave (which actually is used LESS often and has used LESS energy over the same time period)…

Any idea what’s going on, and what I can do to fix this situation?

While it might be a bug somewhere the only difference that I see is that your microwave goes on and off while your office plug has been on for 24 days.

I would try turning it off and on a few times for a few minutes in between and see if that changes anything.

I have a few KP115s on always on devices and while it’s normal to have 0s for a while they always eventually populated.

Nothing scientific here, just an observation.

Good luck and if that doesn’t work I would file a tech support ticket and see if they can see why. Your Sense monitor is definitely getting the data.

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Yes, thanks, I will try that…. It’s super inconvenient though since I have my internet infrastructure attached to this smartplug…. Cable modem and mesh network gateway…

I’ll need to do it when the household is off the network…

In the meantime, is anyone from the Sense support team monitoring these threads? Any other ideas for why the stats aren’t being populated, when clearly there is usage data being successfully collected?

They do monitor it, specifically @JustinAtSense as well as the non employee, community mod @kevin1 who is a Sense encyclopedia. They might have other suggestions.

You can tag either to get their attention by using the @ sign followed by their name.

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Thanks @DevOpsTodd

I see that you’ve already made reference to both Justin and Kevin with “@” designators… So I will wait for them to review this post and provide any additional guidance that they might have…

Thanks again!

My quick thoughts:

  1. Your device timeline only shows a couple of transitions from the beginning of Aug. That’s a hint to me that Sense is somehow missing On/Standy/Off transitions. If your standby power threshold was set above the baseline you see for those 11 or 12 days in the middle of Aug., but below the higher peaks, you should see On → Standby and Standby → On transitions like for my Office computer/monitor below (I was gone over the weekend so power was very low (monitor in standby). Check your standby threshold to make sure it is not too low (MBR Office never drops to Standby).

  1. I have seen cases where for some reason the summary does not get updated. That’s a case for support@sense.com. But try looking at Standby threshhold first.

Hey @MikeekiM - I second @kevin1 feedback re: standby threshold.

For technical issues that aren’t widespread incidents, reaching out to Support is typically the best route because they can access your monitor data and confirm what data Sense is (or isn’t) receiving from the smart plugs. We’re able to make assessments here and give our recommendation, but Support is really the best route to confirm technical issues.

We’re looking at how we can better triage issues from here to our Support team through integrations and Support procedures in the future, but for right now the systems are independent from one another and we are able to track and triage one-off issues much more effectively via our Support tools than we are in the Community.


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Thanks @kevin1 and @JustinAtSense

So let me see if I get this straight… I should determine what my MBR Office draws when it is inactive… Is that right?

The word “Standby” is such a fuzzy word, I just want to be sure I know what is being suggested here…

For my MBR Office, I generally have a few use cases:

1. Personal and Work-At-Home devices are active. This is my most active use case. Typically usage is up around a constant 150W… But obviously can spike with unexpected usage of my laser printer or my paper shredder (or a third computer that I boot up on very rare occasions).

2. Personal only. This is when I have my personal computer on, and have turned off my work computer (usually weekends and evenings). This is basically just putting my work machining to “sleep”, which drops my consumption to about 114W.

3. Standby. When I turn both computers off (or put them to sleep). My power consumption drops to about 60W.

4. Super Standby. When I turn both computers off and I also turn off a secondary power strip attached to my external hard drive, monitors and other items that don’t need to be on. Eliminating these vampire draws brings my consumption down to around 30W. I don’t always do this because sometimes I turn everything off and I fall asleep w/o remembering to turn the secondary power strip off…

Super Standby basically keeps my internet infrastructure going…as well as a few wall warts that I haven’t isolated and moved to my secondary power strip…

With the above data, do you have a suggestion on where I should set my standby threshold?

@MikeekiM, it’s really your call on what you want to track. Right now, I’m guessing the (default) threshold for standby is set well below that 30W so you’re not going to see any transitions. If I was you, I would probably set the standby for 65-70W, just above your estimate standby level.


Ah…this decision will track data differently? I thought I was just setting the standby threshold so that there is transition between active and standby… But that the consumption would still be tracked either way…

So help me understand how this decision will impact what gets tracked?

If I set the threshold at 70W, does that mean that it will only “see” or track consumption when it exceeds the 70W threshold?

Or does it track everything, but tracks the standby power differently than the “active” power?

So, there won’t be changes in what Sense is tracking or the data you see if you were to export via the Web app.

No, it just means that you’re telling Sense: "Okay, when this smart plug is using from 0W - 70W, it’s in Standby, not ‘ON’, and will not be displayed as a bubble on the Now screen. This matters because it factors into what Sense tracks as an ‘ON’ transition for the metrics you’re referencing.

We do have a learn article that covers standby in more depth, with some examples:

Just to embellish on @JustinAtSense 's answer - until you adjust the standby threshold, you won’t see any on / standby / off transitions in your Stats summary. Eventually you will see Est. Cost and and Est. kWh/year, but many of the other stats that rely on on/standby/off transitions will stay zero. My Router smart plug isn’t set with a threshold that detects transitions (probably not possible) and here are the resulting Stats.