Kasa KP125 Smart plugs not reporting statsitics

I have 3 Kasa KP 125 smart plugs set up and only one of them is reporting statistics in the Sense app (PC/Web or Android phone). Sense is seeing the power consumption on all of them as expected and they show up in the meter just fine. When I look at the usage and cost stats though, only one plug is reporting annual cost and consumption while the other 2 are showing “0” for all stats entries. In the Kasa app, they are all showing current and total consumption actuals as designed so it looks like a Sense programming issue. I bought, installed, and updated all 3 of them at the same time and they are all set up exactly the same in the KASA app and the Sense app. Sense technical support has not responded with a solution or even acknowledged the issue. I am hoping they resolve this as one of the main reasons I purchased the Sense system was to see and manage annual costs of the items the plugs are connected to. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

How long have you had the KP125s in action ? I have a bunch of Kasa smartplugs, including one KP125 in action, and all are producing full statistics and cost info. I’m wondering if there is minimum number of transitions (on / standby / off) needed before statistics are aggregated ?

Interesting thought. I installed them about 6 weeks ago, so I would think that would be sufficient, but maybe it has something to do with the relatively constant draw (on average) of the attached devices and the fact that they never turn off . One is on the computer/network center (it is showing stats), another is on the entertainment center (TV, Amp, etc with no stats), and the 3rd is on the refrigerator (no stats). I wonder how I could test your idea.

I’m going to follow-up on your support ticket to see if we can get you a better understanding (or confirmation that this is a bug.)

Thank you Justin



This may help in the troubleshooting.

I purchased and installed another Kasa KP135 (the 4th one) 2 days ago. It is hooked up to my laptop charger as a test and it is in fact reporting stats like it is supposed to.So now I have 2 out of the 4 smart plugs that are reporting properly and 2 that are not As far as I can tell, they are set up the same.

I wonder if it has to do with stand by/on/off cycling??

Feel free to access my account if you are able to see them in action.


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This was an issue earlier last year with many devices. It was quite random what ones would show statistics, what ones wouldn’t, at one point none did. Eventually Sense fixed it.

My ‘Other’ has not shown usage stats in over 5 months, but the bubble shows usage (over 100w) most of the time. Still waiting on engineering to figure it out.

Can’t say I’ve seen a Kasa do this.
As far as support, a LOT of people have been complaining lately. Appears to be outsourced to those who have never seen or used Sense. Try and get the ticket escalated, the leads are usually pretty helpful & can log bugs.


This is fill to make bad forum software code happy.

Thanks. Definitely meant to type KP125.

With regard to the basic issue, I messed around with it last night and noticed that the 2 plugs that were working had a history of being cycle on/off at least 1 time and the ones not reporting had 0 cycles listed. The systems that these are supplying power to should not be cycled on/off so there was no cycle on/off activity on the 2 problematic plugs. I cycled the 2 plugs and after about 1/2 hour, the stats showed. This is a stab in the dark, but I wander if the programming calculations for the stats somehow includes the number of cycles, and when it is 0, it blows up the math (maybe in the denominator) and fails report it. As I mentioned prior, the basic energy usage was being shown by Sense so I know the system was reading the smart plugs, but it was failing to do the math for the stats.

Anyway, they seem to be working now. I’ll bet that after my 1st unscheduled power outage in the house, they would have started reporting stats, provided it would have been seen as an on/off power cycle


Thanks for validating the “no cycles, no stats” hypothesis. One other thought for you, depending on the behavior of your devices on smart plugs - If you do have some level of fluctuations in power usage, but the device never goes to a zero level (off), you can set a lower or higher standby power threshold (both voltage and length of time), so that that is detected as a transition. Here, I’ve lowered the standby power and time from the defaults (15W for 15 sec) for my Apple TV, so I can see when it is active vs. when it is on standby.

Your earlier post reply got me thinking about cycles which led me to look at them. Hopefully my experience will hel others get to a solution faster. Seems like the 1st thing to do when installing a new smart plug would be to simply turn it on and off a few times while integrated with Sense. They should recommend that on their integration articles

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I definitely have a KP125 on a deep freezer that I plugged in, right of the box… it was in pairing mode as soon as I plugged it in. Paired with the Kasa app, opened sense and deactivated the control tab and its never lost the LAN hub connection with Sense. I had another that was attached to my Christmas lights and the LAN hub disconnects from sense every 5 days (down to the second). I brought the one that the LAN hub was disconnecting to work and paired it. I manually cycled it several times and left it plugged in for several weeks. This one, right at 5 days (120:0:0) the KP125 decided to become its own DHCP server (commands from AWS) and assign itself a class C IP of The network its on has no class C IP’s (192-223) anywhere at all. The firewall/ DHCP server has the entire class C range blocked. At (120:10:0) it re-grabbed the IP. My DHCP lease for 10.50.17.x is 24 hours.

The plug continually communicates with AWS IP addresses (more than a 30 IP’s) and some others… Something within TP-Link’s cloud servers (AWS) is telling the to revert to the plug which disconnects the LAN connection between the KP125 and sense meter right at 5 days. Your router will re-establish a valid IP which reconnect it to WAN, which makes the plug function within the Kasa app.

It is definitely a bug that sense has no control over and I’m not sure how to fix the ones that this effect, I was going to setup a 2nd TP-Link app and reset the plugs that I have that do this, but the sense app will only allow 1 TP account to be enable. I cant see this not being something that the TP-link database is pulling from the initial setup of the plug. And deleted / re-adding the plug from your account doesn’t seem to do fix it. My dropping KP125 I associated with a separate account, then added back to mine… … just have to wait the 3 more days to see if that gets it to stop dropping.

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Sounds like a real nightmare, hope you are able to get it resolved. My problems, (so far, fingers crossed), ended up being more straightforward in that Sense apparently needed some on/off cycles for the stats to calculate and report. Good luck with your issue

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