Leviton smart load center


Well this is somewhat interesting.


well, that would work well, unless the internet connection/modem is on the breaker that popped… lol

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It would be awfully nice to have circuit-level data feeding into Sense. However, their marketing material makes it look like it’s a full vendor lock-in situation. The smart breakers are non-standard, fitting only into a Leviton panel, or rather “Load Center”. It doesn’t look like there’s any chance of selectively replacing standard breakers in an existing panel to get energy monitoring.


Much more likely that Sense would work with future similar products from Schneider electric ?


That makes sense. Now just to wait for such an announcement from Schneider…

Tim McBrayer


Holy cow that’s a beautiful power panel


To be fair most panels use vendor specific breakers


Has anyone installed this yet? I’m considering a panel overhaul when I add Solar this summer.