Integration with leviton smart breakers

much like being able to pull data from a wemo plug, my panel is all smart breakers each panel has its own monitoring. so for things that have dedicated breakers be able to pull that into sense as a device and call it ‘water heater’ and always be perfect because thats its breaker and that is the only thing on it. or ‘heat pump’ etc… so all the dedicated branches would always be perfectly identified. and then for like bed room breakers be able to detect those loads on that and then use that in isolation to then say instead of having to learn the entire world in the house of loads lets try to learn the different loads just in this one branch may make learning much faster.

That would be really cool. But it’s more likely today, to happen with Schneider / Square D / Wiser smart panels because Schneider is an significant investor in Sense (public info). That said, if lots of Leviton customers buy Sense, customer guidance helps steer the ship.


ya i had seen the squre d video a few months back… but couldn’t find the stuff to buy it any place and no one willing to talk to me about it. (for residential). all i was able to find that they offer is a rebranded sense device and not actually smart breakers

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so i just got done building the integrations with my power wall, solaredge inverter, weather data, and load center individual breakers. brought it all into influxDB via telegraf and rendering with grafana

i can now see instant load of every circuit more importantly of all the dedicated circuits, and heck this is far better then any detection sense has provided.

and where i have gauges for most things i have all the data to be able to make graphs as well

i was going to work on feeding sense in but why bother… its not providing much value when compared to the real time gauges i provided above and this print screen mind you these print screens where all taken within a few min of each other


Totally cool ! Looks like you have a ton of circuits too. Glad to see someone with a smart load center in action. What things are you going to try to find out with all that data ? I guess managing the battery storage and solar for the minimal bill would be a cool thing to shoot for. Of course that means you have to get pretty good at load prediction over time.

Make it allot easier to find phantom loads, also be able to get the info to justify our major hvac efficiency project this year if we can see the power specific usage that the machines draw and build in a roi. Also like I have a leffuce garden for the rabbits so the lights and the pumps are me heads of lettuce cost savings vs the grocery store. I also have a laser and those things done run on unicorn tears so how do you price a job and take into account the electric usage with out a random guess. The picture above the big one was 8 hours of run on the laser and the small one 3 hours

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A couple of my most useful plots are these - weekly energy usage by the major devices, both as absolute kWh and as a percentage of the total usage.

what are you useing to pull your data smart plugs, how are you detecting yoru 2phase loads where you cant use a smart plug

also to be clear i would LOVE!!! if sense pulled in the breaker data and started using that to do isolations… i pick hey this is a dedicated breaker boom perfect usage measuring for that load like a smart plug but better. and then o this is is multi use branch breaker ok then from those measures be able to see inside of those and detect for stuff.

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what are you using as a method to pull you your data points ? and whats feeding the detection ?

All the major components are Native Sense detections - both AC compressors, the Dryer which is also conflated with one of my floor heaters,Floor Heater, and Electric Vehicle. Playroom Cluster and Furnace Up are HS110 smartplugs. This is all generated in R from my Sense exported daily data.

But I think everyone’s “mileage” varies with Sense, depending on device types and house setup.

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thats allllootttt of smart breakers

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57 detected devices
28 via 3 HS300s plus 10 HS110s

1 EV (of 2)
2 AC compressors
1 Dryer / conflates with a floor heater
2 other floor heaters
1 Oven


what is the limit that supports sense of HS110s and HS300s

I’m beyond the limit, and that causes some problems. I would recommend that you stay within the Sense limit of 20 outlets in use. HS300s count as up to 6 since they have 6 plugs. I think you can use each plug on devices that use up to 1800W peak.

Very cool dashboard and integration work. It looks like there’s a resolution of 12w for the data feeds. Is this a result of the breaker measurement accuracy or some data type being used between the breaker and grafana?

yes you are correct in what i posted for watt usage i was doing amps120 so that is why you are seeing 12w steps because the amps are .1 precision instead of .11 however… the json has power that is well more accurate then ampsvolts as volts are also not always 120 etc… i still have to fix my gauges to use power instead of a calculation

image (the *2 is for the 2 pole loads)

            "id": "**********",
            "lastUpdated": "**********",
            "online": null,
            "offline": null,
            "bleRSSI": -57,
            "blinkLED": false,
            "branchType": "None",
            "created": "**********",
            "currentRating": 15,
            "currentState": "ManualON",
            "currentStatePrev": "COMMUNICATING",
            "currentState2": "UNDEFINED",
            "currentStatePrev2": "UNDEFINED",
            "diagnostics": 0,
            "driverData": "",
            "energyConsumption": 11.3,
            "energyConsumption2": 0,
            "firmwareVersionBLE": "**********",
            "firmwareVersionMeter": "**********",
            "firmwareVersionSiLabs": "",
            "hwVersion": "**********",
            "lineFrequency": 60.01,
            "lineFrequency2": 0,
            "lsbmaId": "",
            "lsbmaId2": "",
            "manufacturer": "LEVITON",
            "mfgDate": "**********",
            "mfgPlantCode": "8?",
            "mfgProductionLine": "10",
            "mfgTesterVersion": "01L",
            "meterChipOk": true,
            "model": "**********",
            "name": "Deck, Garage outlet, garage doors",
            "operationalState": "Normal",
            "operationalState2": null,
            "overCurrent": false,
            "overCurrentThreshold": 0.9,
            "overCurrentThreshold2": 0.9,
            "overVoltage": false,
            "overVoltageThreshold": 132,
            "overVoltageThreshold2": 0,
            "pcbNumber": "**********",
            "poles": 1,
            "position": 29,
            "power": 9,
            "power2": 0,
            "powerFactor": 5.66,
            "powerFactor2": 0,
            "powerQuality": 0,
            "powerQuality2": 0,
            "reactivePower": 4.59,
            "reactivePower2": 0,
            "remoteTrip": false,
            "residentialBreakerPanelId": "**********",
            "residentialBreakerFirmwareId": null,
            "rmsCurrent": 0.1,
            "rmsCurrent2": 0,
            "rmsVoltage": 121,
            "rmsVoltage2": 0,
            "serialNumber": "**********",
            "series": "",
            "status": null,
            "thresholdCount": 3,
            "underVoltage": true,
            "underVoltageCount": 0,
            "underVoltageThreshold": 102,
            "underVoltageThreshold2": 102,
            "updateAvailability": "UP_TO_DATE",
            "updateStatus": "",
            "updateVersion": ""

So is all the data available to you locally via Lan, or does it only go to the cloud and you have to query it via an api? (And is the cloud subscription or free?)

Man, that makes me want to upgrade my panel. What do these cost?

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Api calls that emulate the app calls to the cloud.

So the original panel had all std trip and only one gfci breaker. If I kept that layout I could have done all the hardware for about 2,000 but instead I moved nearly everything to gfci+afci breakers so it was closer to 3,700. I needed a panel upgrade regardless I was out of capacity and the old panel was unsafe to work in. But yes it’s a much more expensive option then going to home depot and buying a bunch of square d std trip for 9bucks a piece (can’t use for new work anyway because all living spaces need arc fault at a minimum and all wet possibilities need gfci) we could have grand fathered the code because we moved the panel less the 6 feet but decided to code up for max protection

Excellent. Given all that it does that doesn’t seem too crazy. Can the panel support non smart breakers too so one can slowly make it smart? What did the panel without breakers run?

Is your code to pull the data available on github or such?

Yes I have a couple dumb breakers as well and the dumb std trip are only like 12 bucks or something so you can do dumbs on everything and smarts on your big ticket dedicated branches like furnace and ac etc…
I don’t recall 600ish for the panel