Likelihood of Mitsubishi Heat Pump + EV detection with future functionality?

I recently had a Mitsubishi heat pump installed. It has both an air handler for the ductwork, plus two ceiling cassettes to help cool our upstairs.

I’ve watched this thing run in the power monitor, and it seems highly unlikely that any component will be detected. It has variable speed everything and the wattage moves up and down automatically for the fans and compressor as the temperature changes. The air-handler is also always running at a low speed to circulate air in the house, so some of this will get captured in my always-on.

I’m also looking at getting an EV in the next year, but likely not a Tesla/Leaf/Bolt that seem to be able to be detected.

So I’m going from a place where ~80% of my usage was from detected devices (with an assist from Kasa), to probably less than 50% in my future state.

Are there any updates on device detection where I should reasonably expect the EV or heat pump to be detected with new algorithms? Or should lower my expectations on how much usage I can track?