Load graph following PV production curve

A solar sense unit has 2 sets of CT’s.
One for “the mains” and one for “PV”.
The PV CT set needs to handled differently based on supply-side connection vs load-side connection.
Imo the “mains” CT set is a rock solid signal and should measure exactly the same as the main meter in your house.
The sense unit should calculate PV generation based on the mains signal subtracted/added by the PV Ct’s.
I can only deduct from the graph I am seeing with my hybrid all-in-one inverter that somehow Sense is using the PV CT signal and somehow calculates the main signal from that.

This is a graph from the day before yesterday
Thanks to @herbertk1 who showed me a few of his graphs that has the same behavior, I checked out my load graph:

The graph of my LOAD is following the curve of my PV and that is absolutely not an accurate thing.
My loads don’t start using more because there is more solar power available.

My base load does not go up 30-50% during solar production.

Something is not right.
Can others with PV check if they see an elevated load/usage curve during the day when you have PV generation ?