Motor 3 is stumping me

This is another one that is stumping me.
245 watts is fairly big for a motor.
It came on this morning for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and that is it’s only usage today.
Can’t be a fridge (that would not be on for that long and that rarely), pellet stove was on and I thought that might be it but the stove is still going and Motor 3 turned off.
Didn’t turn anything on, TV’s are on smart plugs with no energy to them.
This was early morning, I had a few lights on (still on) an iMac running (still on) just reading the news about how we are all going to die.

Might be the pellet stove. Sense “times out” devices that have been running for many hours in case it missed the off signature.

Doing the math it looks like it averages running 3 times a day for about 8 hours runtime daily.
Sometimes history takes time to backfill or never does.

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