Move to the outside Panel > Signal Strength

So I will be moving the sense to an outside panel that will also hopefully measure the Tesla Charger and 2nd A/C unit.

I should of realized this before installing the unit on the sub panel inside the house. :thinking:

My question is how strong a signal does the Sense need to transmit data to the app

I just took a reading using the Cloudflare App and got three distinctly different readings the Frist reading @ 151Mbps the second @ 547Mbps the 3rd 392Mbps.

To be sure I have attached the readings (which is data above my paygrade to understand) and hope some one can confirm that I will not have a communication problem installing the Sense outside.

1st Reading

2nd Reading

3rd Reading


I think we’re gonna need more pics. :joy:

When you say ‘outside’ do you mean you’re installing the Sense inside of a breaker panel and that breaker panel is located outside of the house? They key distance would be how far the Sense is from your router. Worst case scenario is that you could buy a WiFi extender and put it halfway between the router and the Sense. My gut says you’ll probably be fine without it though.

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@Brightonuk , here’s rough info on Sense data requirements:

The built-in Connection Test, under Settings > System will give you an idea of whether you have enough signal strength / speed.

The info below shows my stats for 1 day of usage. Purple is upload.

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Ya sorry over did it on the images :exploding_head:

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