MQTT Protocol support (to your servers)

I would like to see secure MQTT (mqtts) support into the sense servers, so that we can add MQTT devices (like EVSE (ev chargers)) remote solar inverters (without needing CT’s), meters and other things into our sense account/dashboard. For example I use a bunch of OpenEVSE chargers for my cars, and right now EMONCMS.ORG supports MQTT so its opening a door for me to look into their “sense like” energy management system… Possibly swaying me to change, who knows. But the support on sense would be nice so I didn’t have to.


@pir8radio Granted it’s not direct to Sense servers, but I added MQTT support to SenseLink just the other day. So you could use that to report usage from MQTT devices, by masquerading them as TP-Link Kasa plugs to get the data into Sense.


Look at you go… :slight_smile: Ill have to check it out, thx.

What about the opposite direction? Like MQTT from sense to another server?

SenseLink isn’t equipped to do that at the moment, but it would probably be possible with the Sense Home Assistant integration with a little manual configuration? I believe the HA integration has a polling interval though, so your MQTT update rate would only be as fast as that. And it requires having a HA instance running, obviously.