Mystery motor

I’m trying to figure out what this motor could be. My HVAC motor is already discovered. I don’t have a sump pump or condensate pump. One of my window ac units is already discovered the other one is on a Kasa smart plug energy monitor style. I’ve unplugged my fridge and deep freezer and no change.

Could be a small compressor or could be you are mistaken about your HVAC being detected. Your current HVAC detection could be just the compressor and not include the fan. This could also be an air handler fan for your HVAC system or the fan on the outdoor unit.
A split HVAC system uses two fans that fall into this wattage range. One at the air handler and the other at the condenser. Some people have each component detected separately and others (like me) have my outdoor condenser and fan detected together.
My guess is it’s probably your indoor air handler fan. Have you determined, when it comes on, if it’s using 120 or 240? This can be viewed in app through settings where it shows “mains”. You’ll ha e to catch it on or off and be able to compare before and after on the mains during an on or off event.

I know the blower motor was detected correctly it’s around 300 watts on 240v it runs for around 30 minutes every hour(to circulate air). I’ll check the condenser out next time. I’m pretty sure that device isn’t on when the compressor/fan is running.
It’s an older Goodman a/c single stage compressor single speed fan with electric heat kit. I’ll watch the mains and report back

Is it possible you have a fan in your attic which turns on based on the temperature?

Using the power meter is a great way to see exactly which days and time I’d day something is running. You can see if this is while home or away and can compare the meter of HVAC to it, it would show if they run simultaneously.

Do you have a power vented gas water heater?