Name that device!

So after succesfully identifying a keurig coffee maker and a garage door opener device #3 is an unknown device that has a very consistent pattern. The usage is around 83W for 2-2.5mins every 15 or 30 mins.

I have have listened (ear only not kill-o-watt) to the following and have ruled out :

  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Wine Fridge
  • Large Freezer
  • Humidifier
  • De-humidifier
  • Water heater

Anyone have any ideas? My next port of call will be killing breakers when it is next “on” to narrow down the circuit. Just hoping for a shortcut from those a little further down the process - only 3 days in.


It looks a bit like my laundry room lights - a pair of CFL tubes.

After turning off breakers in the house I norrowed it down to being a freezer in our garage. What was confusing me was the freezer made noise independent of the wattage spikes. I’m guessing there must be two or more processes to identify.

Oh well mystery solved!

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In another thread in the forums here someone identified similar spikes as the current inrush of a motor start that were being identified as a separate device. I have similar spikes and now I have new things to suspect for being the cause of this “spikey” device that is probably not a device, but just part of the power useage of something else.

Sorry for the thread necromancy.

Does the freezer have a heater element near its coils to prevent frosting? You may be unable to hear it.

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